Read Claire's testimonial, on a work-study program with the Recruitment Department

What made you want to apply for a job at Elis? Why did I reply to the offer?

I applied on spec because of my prior knowledge of the Group, having worked in the hospitality sector. It was in keeping with my experience to stay in the hygiene and well-being sector.

After submitting an on-spec application and going through the recruitment process, my application was accepted.

What did you study?

My background is in business training with a major in hospitality. To gain more experience, I wanted to discover the HR sector, which has always attracted me. As a result, I completed my training with a Masters in HR at INSEEC. My main aim was to remain at the service of employees.

What are your assignments at Elis ?

I am responsible for hiring sales representatives, executives in production and the Sales Department. As part of my work-study programme, I also had to train managers about best practice in recruitment. You have to put yourself in the shoes of candidates today. The market has become so tense that you have be able to put your best foot forward.

What do you find most stimulating about your assignments and about Elis overall ?

The most stimulating thing is having people trust us from the word “go” and having a fully-fledged post. Our proposals are listened to by the manager and they support us in taking the initiative. What’s more, the field of business is stimulating, since it is growing at a rate of knots and we are constantly learning new things.

In your opinion, what are the benefits of working at Elis?

The prospects for career development. We can quickly move up in the company, which is one of its strengths.

In addition, Elis includes employees thanks to its “integration weeks”. We are able to experience every business line. That is quite a rare thing nowadays.

Another point I appreciate is that the company is based on “soft skills”, with a close-knit management style. That’s a big plus point.

Today, I am very glad that I joined Elis and it reaffirmed my decision to change career path.

Would you recommend Elis to future interns and those on work-study programmes? If so, why?

Real opportunities exist to join the company and continue your work-study plans. There is genuine goodwill within the company. You are trusted and the more trusted you are, the more responsibilities you are given.

I can highly recommend applying. Here at Elis, it’s your job to create the path that works for you.


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