Read Laura’s testimonial

Why did you choose to take part in the Graduate Program?

It’s a great way to kick-start your career. It ticked all the boxes in terms of my international career aspirations. Elis provides great opportunities for career development.
The Graduate Program offered a course in production that led on to management and provided the opportunity to develop engineering skills in the production field.

Elis is an international, multi-cultural company, meaning that I can work on projects where I can put my languages to good use. I speak three languages and I was keen to use them in my career.

How does the Graduate Program work?

We work on four six-month projects and face various challenges (production, industrial, marketing, etc.).

The idea is to gain experience in a number of different company departments and to develop your skills.

One assignment is carried out abroad.

Can you tell us about your first assignment?

In nine months, I have worked on two very different assignments:

  • setting up traceability on a production line;
  • comparing two different production processes.


Though the second assignment is located at head office, my first assignment was field-based and I loved it. It means you are always in contact with production and with people on site. It’s really dynamic.

What are the benefits of the Graduate Program?

It is a cross-functional project, which means you can create a network.

Working on projects that will serve the company really boosts motivation and shows that we are trusted.

Elis gives you responsibilities.

Which career pathways might the Graduate Program open up?

There are several, depending on your studies, from a post as a production manager to project management. We have the whole value chain covered. Personally, my pathway is production-orientated, but other profiles are also on offer.

You may, for instance, choose to work in industrial production at head office.

What is the special feature of the Graduate Program?

It is personalised and you receive support while on the pathway, as well as from your mentor.

The trust the company places in you and the fact you can work on some really interesting projects. The company lets you develop your creativity.